Now Serving: Holy Chow

Written by Kol HaBirah Staff on . Posted in Food/Dining

After much anticipation, take-out restaurant Holy Chow opened for business in the Kemp Mill Shopping Center of Silver Spring, Maryland, this week.

“We went through more than two days of food in under eight hours,” the owners posted on Facebook the night of March 6. “It was a good day. And we’re pretty tired.”

In response to inquiries from consumers, the owners have added a Frequently Asked Questions page to their website. One important thing it addresses is the issue of food allergies.

“Several people have expressed concerns about nut allergies and I want to try and address/alleviate those concerns as best I can,” it says. The owners share that one of their own kids is “deathly allergic to tree nuts,” so they understand where the interest is coming from. Holy Chow’s kitchen has a wok that is “exclusively used for nuts and is kept separate from the regular woks.”

“No other pot, dish, oven or deep fryer comes in contact with any nuts. No utensils are used for nuts and then reused for something else,” the page says. “Nuts are literally the last thing that gets added before the [to-go] container is closed and placed into the bag, The nuts are NEVER a part of the cooking and food preparation process with the exception of the above mentioned special wok.”

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