Pardes Seleh

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Pardes is a writer at the Independent Journal Review. She is 24 years old and is originally from Los Angeles, California. She graduated from UCLA in 2016 and currently resides in Washington, D.C.


1.) What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Once, as seminary students in Israel, my friends and I ditched school and traveled to Meron for a bonfire, then met a total stranger on a bus and decided to spend the night at her family’s home in Safed. Early the next day, we took a cab to the Yehudia nature reserve, where we hiked for eight hours, jumped in a lake, and spent the rest of the afternoon in the neighboring city of Tiberias.

All we carried with us was a water bottle, some snacks, and the clothes we were wearing. It was a blast. I don’t even remember how much trouble our seminary gave us by the time we got back to Jerusalem because we all just crashed from exhaustion.

2.) Describe an interesting encounter with a famous person.

My mom and I once got stuck in a tiny kosher butcher shop in Golders Green, London, with singer Amy Winehouse. The shop owners immediately locked the doors because there were loads of paparazzi outside, so we had to stay with her until she was ready to leave. The funniest part was watching my mother try to make polite conversation with her as we waited. Of course all of our faces ended up in tabloids the next day, even though we had tried so hard to avoid the cameras because we weren’t dressed for the occasion. It was quite memorable.

3.)Tell us about your Twitter empire!

I love Twitter. Twitter is my happy place. It’s my diary, my therapy couch, and my platform for seeking attention from random strangers (no joke). My Twitter followers make me feel inspired, motivated. Even the trolls give me a good laugh.

Writing can be informative, but it’s also a way to connect with a massive audience on a personal level. And the best way to connect with people is by giving them your vulnerable, uncensored self. Twitter helps me do that.

4.) What is the best nickname someone has given you?

Chompy. It was given to me last year, when I was officially known as “Horse Face” for months because I had supported Senator Ted Cruz for president.

5.) How different was your life one year ago?

My life at the moment is a dream compared to what it was a year ago. I never imagined living in Washington, D.C., and having the incredible friends I have now, never mind getting paid to do what I love.

6.) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I will be running my own thriving company while happily married to the love of my life.

7.) What is your favorite hobby?

I love playing piano. If I didn’t feel stressed for time, I could sit by my piano all day and forget about everything.

8.) You become famous and one of your quotes makes it into a famous-quote book. What is that quote?

Probably something I said taken out of context, like “Transgenderism is a lie!” Yes, I said that. No, that wasn’t the only thing I said.

9.) What is the meaning of life?

I’m still figuring that out. To me, life has no meaning if you aren’t living in the present.

10.) What has been your favorite vacation?

I just came back from France. It was incredible. The best part was spending time alone with my thoughts while admiring French art and culture. I needed that trip.

11.) What is something that most people would not know about you?

I went to Bais Yaakov schools growing up. Most people don’t even know what that is, but those who do know understand why breaking into the secular world can be a bit of a culture shock. 

12.) If you could give a title to your life, what would it be?

“How a Dork Discovered the Internet.”

13.) What will finally break the internet?

Someone recording something crazy I said and then blasting me for it.

14.)Fill in the blank: Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about ___________.

Haagen-Dazs milkshakes. Always.

15.) What has been your most unusual interaction on social media?

I have an old friend from high school who often trolls my posts on social media. I love trolls, so it didn’t faze me, except this one became personal. It hurt to watch someone I confided in blast my personal life on social media just for a few Twitter followers; but it taught me some very valuable lessons about friendship. I’m blessed to have just a few friends I trust more than anyone, and one of them is interviewing me right now.


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Interviewed by Batya H. Carl