Young Professional Spotlight: Anahi Hurtado

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Anahi Hurtado is a political communications major at George Washington University. She’s originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and grew up in Miami Beach, Florida. She is the current graphic design and operations intern at the GW Hillel, where she is responsible for the weekly newsletter and produces videos. She is also a writer for the GW Ax, the school’s online satire publication. Anahi loves writing, the Washington Capitals, and Argentina’s national soccer team.


1.) What is the origin of your name?

Anahi is a popular name in Paraguay, where my grandmother was born. My mom grew up visiting Paraguay and always loved the name. When my parents were choosing names for me, my mom mentioned it and my dad instantly loved it, too.

2.) What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

I am 100 percent an indoors person, so probably hiking Mount Hollywood in LA.

3.) Fill in the blank: “What the world needs now is ________.”

Love and compassion.

4.) What is your greatest strength when it comes to interpersonal relationships?

I’m very loyal. If something in the relationship isn’t working, I really fight for it to work before giving up.

5.) What is your favorite book on your bookshelf at the moment?

The Percy Jackson series will always be my favorite guilty pleasure.

6.) What is your major and how did you choose it?

I’m a political communications major, with (hopefully) a minor in journalism. I chose it because I love to write and edit, and politics have always fascinated me. I was editor in chief of my school’s newspaper for three years, and that experience is what made the decision a no-brainer for me. I would love to work as either a political journalist, or a communications director in government.

7.) What do enjoy doing when you aren’t doing studying?

I love to read, watch Netflix, listen to music, write stories, or watch hockey.

8.) Which TED Talk would you recommend to others?

“Drew Dudley: Everyday Leadership.”

9.) What is your favorite thing to do when you visit your hometown?

I love spending time with my family at our country club, Hacoaj, in Buenos Aires.

10.) Name one skill you want to acquire, and one skill that you already have and want to improve?

I would like to learn as many languages as possible. I want to improve my cooking skills.

11.) Who or what has the most profound effect on your development as a Jewish person?

When I moved to the United States from Argentina everything was different— the people, the places, the language, the food, everything. The one thing that stayed the same was Judaism. Clinging to the one familiar thing from back home definitely played a huge part in my development as a Jewish person.

12.) Name two truths and a lie about yourself.

I’ve read the entire Lord of the Rings series. I can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and am learning Sign Language. I have written speeches for a past president and some current senators.

13.) What costume did you wear this year for Purim?

Violet Parr (from the movie The Incredibles).

14.) Which app do you use most frequently?

Twitter (follow me! @AnahiHurtado).

15.) Which adjective would you choose to describe the way this year has been going?

16.) Here’s a freebie! Share anything about yourself with Kol Habirah’s readers.

I’m available for hire! (Just kidding.) (Mostly.) I’d like people to know I’m a dedicated and hard worker with a peculiar sense of humor, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get my jokes.

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