Young Professionals Spotlight: Shoshanah Belzer

Written by Batya Carl on . Posted in Young Professionals Spotlight

Shoshanah Belzer has been living in Washington, D.C. for eight years. She grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut, and majored in interior design at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She works for a commercial real estate firm. 

1.) You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?


I’d be a swirled mix of royal purple and red, because I have the hardest time choosing just one color and I love that particular combination. 

2.) What is the best advice you have given to someone?

I think one of my favorites is to always let the people in your life who love you be there for you. Let them be your anchors that you keep you grounded and sane. Sometimes it’s really hard to ask for help, especially from the people closest to you, because you’re afraid of being a burden, but the whole point of having those close relationships is to have people you can go to whether things are good or bad. 

3.) Describe yourself in 5 words or less. 

Creative, Artist, Independent, Snarky, Cat.

4.) In DC, you are notorious for throwing great, themed parties. Which is your favorite and why?

Definitely “Have a Geeky New Year.” Obviously, it was geek themed, celebrating several geek fandoms including Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Sherlock, Orphan Black (really just everything on the BBC) and we just really went all out for it, and by “all out” I mean, I went just a tiny bit overboard, but it made my incredibly nerdy self very happy.

5.) What do you want to be when you grow up?

A published author, an interior designer and an accomplished singer.

6.) What brings you the greatest joy?

Creating. Any artistic form in which I’m creating something, be it through designing, writing, painting, drawing, etc., that’s what makes me happiest. 

7.) If you were to get rid of one state in the U.S., which would it be and why?

West Virginia. I just don’t see a purpose to West Virginia, nothing happens there.

8.) Fill in the blank: There’s no place like ____________.

Rivendell. [Fictitious elven enclave from the “Lord of the Rings” book series by J.R.R. Tolkien]

9.) You wake up and find yourself in one of your favorite books. What does your life look like?

I’ve been sorted into Gryffindor and I’m about to go to Madam Hooch’s flying class so that I can learn how to ride a broomstick.

10.) What are you known for?

Probably for baking really good cakes and cupcakes.

11.) What would be your idea of a perfect day?

Waking up and finding that I had control over time so that I could give myself more hours in the day! Then, spending said day in an artistic delirium of singing, dancing, writing and drawing, that would just go on forever because I have control over time. Yeah, that sounds about right.

12.) What is on your bucket list?

Going to every Disney park that exists. Traveling the world. And finding a way to get away with having a pet tiger; I’ll name him Rajah, and he’ll be the coolest pet ever!

13.) What inspires you?

Everything. Anything can become inspiration if your mind is open to it. 

14.) You are stranded on a desert island. Who would you take with you?

My immediate family and my best friends. Really, the people I can’t live without. 

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