A Gradual Path to Losing 10 Pounds

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Today, I’mgoingtogiveyou a special workout planandmealplanning guide.Thisisabeginner-level program thatwilltake10 minutes aday.Thetwo key pieces of thisplanaretowalkatleast10 minutes uninterrupted,everyday,without exception, andtoconsistentlymakegood choices when planning your meals. Therearethreethingsyou willneedtoget thisdone:comfortablewalking shoes, a way to record your progress,andsomediscipline.


Thisweight loss plan is a gradual one and it willtake aboutayeartosee the finalresults; you’ll want to track your progress to keep motivated and disciplined. A built-in applikeSamsung Healthor AppleHealth,an independent app like MapMyFitness,or evenatrustynotepad are tools for keepingtrackof how wellyou aresticking totheplan. Thisprogram will help you manage theweight swings thatoccur throughouttheyearwithout thepressure of having tomakeittothegymor evenmake appointmentswithpersonal trainers. Less stress alsohelpstocurbappetite.

Before we talkaboutwhattoeat,let’stalkaboutwhywe eatatall.Staywithmehere. There’s beenanamazing amount of research intowhatwe eatandhow our bodiesuse calories. Assuming we use about1,000 calories tokeepour bodies breathing,pumpingblood,thinking,andotherthingsyou coulddo whilenotmoving, we’ll assume thatwe needafew hundred morecalories tomoveourselvesaround atamodest pace.

I’llskipthephysics lessons on motion for now, butjustknow thattheslower we move,theless energy we needtogetfrompointA topointB.The10 minutes of walking willlikelyburn 30-90 calories dependingon thesizeof your body. Theaddition of walking willgiveus thecalorie deficitandmuscle recovery we willneedtoburn energy we consumeduringthedayanduse more energy torecover afterthewalk.

Weeattosustain our body’sdemand for calories. It’simportantto create areferencefor anoptimal number of calories toeat.In lieuof calculatingyour personal calorie needs,we’lljustassume thatmealsaround 400 calories areasolidmeasure of how many calories we shouldeat.Thereasonfor us touse 400 calories as ageneral goalisbecause we are tryingtoregulate our metabolismwhilelimiting how muchactivity we aregoingtosqueeze into our dailylives.Limited activity correlateswithlimited calories. Thegood news isthat400 calories isstillenough tohavepastrami andeggs, butnotenough tohaveapastrami andegg sandwich.

Finally, we need to takenoteson whattoeat.Keeping trackof whatwe eat allowsus toreview our commitmenttothe400-calorie model. Thereasonwe wanttostickwith thislimited calorie mealplanisbecause we canstillfeelgood aboutourselvesandour commitmenttoour health,andwe’llseethesuccess of our disciplinewhen our bloodsugar and cholesterolnumbers stillcheckoutinthehealthy range.Our livesallowus so many conveniencesthatwe needtodisciplineourselvesintomaking healthy choices everyday.

Needsomehelpgetting on therighttrack?You can see themathfor planning outmealson my blog post “Using math and science to lose 10 pounds the easy way” at justinwalls.blogspot.com, Google “400-calorie meals” for aplethora of recipes online, or contact metosetup awellness appointmenttogetyou started.

By Justin Walls

 Justin Walls is a certified personal trainer (American College of Sports Medicine), specializing in youth fitness, senior fitness, myofascial release techniques, joint pain/arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, aqua fitness, running, and walking. He also has expertise in lifestyle/health management and meal planning, and a background in psychology. Learn more at justinwallsfitness.com.