Game Day! Honey Sriracha Wings

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Game day is fast approaching, which for me means only one thing: game day food. I could care less about which teams are playing or even who is singing in the half time show (unless it’s Beyoncé) because when wings, chips and anything with barbecue sauce shows up on the table, I immediately know the real winner of the night. (Spoiler alert, it’s me.)

There are two things I hate about making wings: number one is feathers, and number two is sitting by the fryer for an hour until the smell is all over me in the worst way possible. Luckily, I’ve found a way to eliminate all that and make an easier and actually healthier version of chicken wings. You can thank me later.

Love in the Afternoon: Lunch at Russ and Daughters at New York’s Jewish Museum

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Love in the Afternoon: Lunch at Russ and Daughters at New York’s Jewish Museum

Russ and Daughters
at the Jewish Museum

(Museum admission fee
not required for restaurant diners)

1109 5th Avenue at 92nd Street

Kashrut under National
Kosher Supervision

For more information:

212.475.4880, extension 3

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Score One for Kosher

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COLLEGE PARK (MD) ––– Enter Xfinity Center, go up three floors, and keep walking until you reach Stand 16.

Or you can go straight to Gate E, show them your ticket, and just make a left.

Either way, before the final buzzer, make sure you end up in front of Testudo’s Kosher Korner, the only kosher concession stand in University of Maryland’s athletics facilities.

An Old Question for a New Column: Old World vs New World Wine

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Time was, that if you wanted good wine it was going to come from Europe, where wine has been continuously produced for millennia. However, in the last fifty years, the rest of the world has been rapidly catching up with the ”Old World” of wine, and today California, Australia, Argentina, Israel and other “new-world” wine regions produce wines that are arguably as good as wines from their Old World counterparts.

Scotch vs Bourbon: A Spirited Debate

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Is Scotch whisky or bourbon whiskey the better tipple? This is one of the great and enduring debates of the kiddush club cognoscenti. American Jews throughout the greater Washington area and beyond have debated this weighty question in our collective search for an adult beverage to help us celebrate and unwind.

For anyone not in the know, here are some relevant facts. Scotch and bourbon are both types of whisky, or a spirit distilled from grain alcohol that has been aged in oak barrels. Scotch is imported from Scotland, while bourbon is American made.