Greasy Gold: Our fat correspondent explores the world of ‘Nouvelle Schmaltz’

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Time was that the critic had it easy. He got to taste the best wines, eat in the best restaurants, and see the best shows— true he also had to drink wine that tasted like sewer water, dine in restaurants that looked (and smelled) like sewers, and watch Pride and Prejudice and Zombies the movie. By in large, though, the good far outweighed the bad, but not anymore.  

Newspaper editors are becoming far more demanding of their critics, wanting reviews of experiences that had never before been reviewed. The Denver Post, for instance, now employs a Mr. Jake Browne as their Cannabis Critic— imagine having to come up with descriptions like “rubber and pepper dominate the jar like a bunch of green army men relegated to miniature mess hall duty,” on a weekly basis.

Israeli-Style Chocolate Orange Tart

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My mother grew up in Israel with a fig and carob tree in her backyard. She would tell me stories of how tu b’shvat was a special time, a real celebration to appreciate the fruits of the land. That is why every year on Tu B’Shvat, I get nostalgic for the good ole Israeli treats like Crembo and chocolate-covered orange peels. To me, there is no better way to celebrate the fruit (literally) that Israel has to offer than by making the beautiful tart with the best citrus in season. Tu b’shvat may have passed but I’m still hung up on this treat all year long.

YGW announces second season of “DC EATS”

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Silver Spring, MD (February 12, 2017)– Starting this month, the metro Washington kosher community will have the opportunity to be part of the latest and greatest dining available in the DC area, thanks to “DC Eats” – A Kosher Dining Club. As stated in USAToday,” The dramatic growth of the city’s restaurant scene, from high-end steak houses and ultra-posh eateries to neighborhood cafés and ethnic destinations, has turned Washington into a major food city.”

This Wine Costs What? At least now you’ll know why.

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Ever wondered why a bottle of wine costs what it does? One of the perennial complaints amongst kosher wine consumers is the general rise of kosher wine prices.

There is, of course, a school of thought that maintains that most complainers engage in complaining because, well, the “complaint” is simply their preferred mode of expression. Like the old joke about the elderly Jewish man who kvetches “Oy, am I thoisty!” until a bystander who can no longer stand the complaining fetches him water to quench his thirst, to which the old man responds, “Oy, was I thoisty!”

Game Day! Honey Sriracha Wings

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Game day is fast approaching, which for me means only one thing: game day food. I could care less about which teams are playing or even who is singing in the half time show (unless it’s Beyoncé) because when wings, chips and anything with barbecue sauce shows up on the table, I immediately know the real winner of the night. (Spoiler alert, it’s me.)

There are two things I hate about making wings: number one is feathers, and number two is sitting by the fryer for an hour until the smell is all over me in the worst way possible. Luckily, I’ve found a way to eliminate all that and make an easier and actually healthier version of chicken wings. You can thank me later.

An Old Question for a New Column: Old World vs New World Wine

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Time was, that if you wanted good wine it was going to come from Europe, where wine has been continuously produced for millennia. However, in the last fifty years, the rest of the world has been rapidly catching up with the ”Old World” of wine, and today California, Australia, Argentina, Israel and other “new-world” wine regions produce wines that are arguably as good as wines from their Old World counterparts.

Curative Cocktails: A Little Zing for Fighting Wintertime Ills

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It’s February in Washington, and if this year proves to be like most, we can look forward to lots of cold, wet weather— the sort of weather in which coughs and colds abound. When I find myself falling under the weather, wine ceases to be my beverage of choice and I usually start to long for a piping hot cocktail.

There is something so very soothing about drinking a hot cocktail when feeling ill. Perhaps it’s the way that a hot cocktail can make one feel warm from the inside out, or perhaps it’s because a hot cocktail’s alcoholic steam, if only momentarily, can really open up the sinuses. While no cocktail can reduce the severity or duration of a cold or cough; personally, I find that after I’ve finished a hot cocktail, I just don’t mind being sick quite so much.

Deep Dish Love in the Afternoon: Lunch at Russ and Daughters at New York’s Jewish Museum

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Editor’s note appended.

I’ve been in love with Russ and Daughters, a 102-year-old appetizing store on New York’s Lower East Side, for decades. And that was without ever eating a morsel of their food. Now having lunched—three times in six weeks–– at the store’s newest (and first kosher) outpost at the Jewish Museum a few miles uptown, that love is finally requited. And worth the wait.

Get Fired Up for Al Ha’esh

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Every once in a while, a new kosher restaurant opens in the Washington, D.C. area and we fall in love and hope it stays with us for a long time.

Well, that’s the early buzz on Al Ha’esh, the new restaurant adjacent to Moti’s Market in Rockville.

Al Ha’esh, which means “on the fire” in Hebrew, is modeled after many steak houses in Israel that put down dishes of salatim or salads to stave off hunger and delight the senses–– some salatim are hot, many are very pretty–– while you check out the menu. (In New York City where I grew up, the same practice was in place, only at Shmulke Bernstein’s it was a hot dog instead of salads while we perused the Chinese menu).

Love in the Afternoon: Lunch at Russ and Daughters at New York’s Jewish Museum

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Love in the Afternoon: Lunch at Russ and Daughters at New York’s Jewish Museum

Russ and Daughters
at the Jewish Museum

(Museum admission fee
not required for restaurant diners)

1109 5th Avenue at 92nd Street

Kashrut under National
Kosher Supervision

For more information:

212.475.4880, extension 3

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Score One for Kosher

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COLLEGE PARK (MD) ––– Enter Xfinity Center, go up three floors, and keep walking until you reach Stand 16.

Or you can go straight to Gate E, show them your ticket, and just make a left.

Either way, before the final buzzer, make sure you end up in front of Testudo’s Kosher Korner, the only kosher concession stand in University of Maryland’s athletics facilities.