Local Beer Company has Kosher Flavors and a Great Story!

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How did your company start, what has it accomplished, and where is it heading?

We started Jailbreak Brewing Company in 2013 and opened our doors in April of 2014. We were office drones who wanted to pursue a passion and give others an “escape” from whatever drama is present in their lives.

Kosher Canteen Is Now Open in the Bender JCC!

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When did you open up the canteen?

We’ve just opened last week in the lobby of the Bender JCC and our hours are currently Sunday to Friday beginning at 7:30am. Our closing hours will vary based on the JCC’s activities.  From Monday to Thursday, we will be open until at least 5:30pm, closing earlier on Sundays and Fridays before Shabbat.


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I don’t like tequila.

As someone who preaches about being honest regarding drink preferences, I feel like I must say it: I am not a fan of tequila. It brings back memories from college of one too many shots and falling asleep on the cool tiles of the bathroom floor.

It’s All About the Numbers

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It’s all a numbers game. How many are home on a given night? How many of those who are home will actually eat what’s for dinner? Tricky calculations. With summer underway, and three out of four kids away for July, the numbers are now in my favor. I now have a little more flexibility in the things I can cook. With no more worrying about allergies, likes, and dislikes, I can actually try something unusual or different. But, ironically, now that I am cooking for half the family, I almost feel like, well… like there’s no one to cook for. It almost doesn’t feel worth it. (No offense to the family members who are still home!)

Celebrating Recipes That Don’t Need Allergy Replacement Ingredients

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One of my daughters has an egg allergy. She loves sweets (as do all my children), particularly muffins, cookies and cupcakes. I use a lot of Ener-G Egg Replacer, which works great in muffin recipes (as long as I use a whisk to whip it with warm water until the powder is fully dissolved and frothy), and I am grateful to Nabisco because neither Chips Ahoy nor Oreos contain eggs at all. I am also super grateful to my friends at Butterflake, particularly owner Richie Heisler, who knows and cares about families with allergies and makes sure to have egg-free cupcakes in the freezer at all times, ready to be decorated. (And frankly, they are great cupcakes and I even prefer them to the ones containing egg!)

Interfaith Iftar at Char Bar

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On June 8, my organization, Sephardic Jews in DC, partnered with Noor Shakfeh, a Syrian American community organizer, and Char Bar to bring the Muslim and Jewish communities together over a delicious iftar meal.

Exotic Drinks

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After a brief hiatus from writing and a week of sobriety, I can say that I sincerely missed both writing and drinking. It is fortunate that I made my heroic return during the travel issue as exotic drinks are some of my favorite.