Chef Ben Walanka Q&A

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Big, brassy, and bold, chef Ben Walanka has been wowing diners since he graduated from culinary school in 2002. He even impressed host and chef extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay during his recent run on the fifth season of the hit television show Hell’s Kitchen – All Stars with his delicious food, hard work and passion in the kitchen.

Preserving a Diverse Culinary Heritage, One Recipe at a Time

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Jennifer Abadi’s upcoming cookbook shines a spotlight on Jewish cuisine and culture from Africa, Asia, and Sephardic Europe.

Like many women in the Sephardic world, Jennifer Abadi realized early on that the recipes and cuisine her family brought over from Syria were in danger of extinction. While there are close to 150,000 Syrian Jews spread out across the world, many of the traditional dishes and recipes are being lost due to assimilation, newer food trends and preparation techniques, and the passage of time.

Giant Stocks up for the High Holidays

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What are generally your most popular items during the High Holiday season and why do you think that is?

The most popular items are the Yehuda glass candle, Kedem Concord Grape and Apple Juice 64-ounce bottles, Klein’s soft-serve frozen sundae (assorted flavors), Manischewitz Broad Noodles 12 ounces, Kedem tea biscuits (plain, chocolate, and vanilla), Lipton kosher onion dip, and Manischewitz medium noodles.

Kosher Canteen Is Now Open in the Bender JCC!

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When did you open up the canteen?

We’ve just opened last week in the lobby of the Bender JCC and our hours are currently Sunday to Friday beginning at 7:30am. Our closing hours will vary based on the JCC’s activities.  From Monday to Thursday, we will be open until at least 5:30pm, closing earlier on Sundays and Fridays before Shabbat.

Apples to Apples

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Apple season is in full swing; local farmers markets are offering a veritable cornucopia of the fruit. With Rosh Hashanah just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of this in-season treat, and I have some recommendations on how to get your apple fix in liquid form.

Local Beer Company has Kosher Flavors and a Great Story!

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How did your company start, what has it accomplished, and where is it heading?

We started Jailbreak Brewing Company in 2013 and opened our doors in April of 2014. We were office drones who wanted to pursue a passion and give others an “escape” from whatever drama is present in their lives.