Giant Stocks up for the High Holidays

Written by Editor on . Posted in Food/Dining

What are generally your most popular items during the High Holiday season and why do you think that is?

The most popular items are the Yehuda glass candle, Kedem Concord Grape and Apple Juice 64-ounce bottles, Klein’s soft-serve frozen sundae (assorted flavors), Manischewitz Broad Noodles 12 ounces, Kedem tea biscuits (plain, chocolate, and vanilla), Lipton kosher onion dip, and Manischewitz medium noodles.


Reasons: Great flavor profile, high-quality ingredients, candles required to celebrate, and cross-over demographic appeal.


What specials or discounts are you offering that would be helpful for our readers to know about? 

We will have multiple two-for-one promotions on shelf and shipper.


What items are new or unique for this coming High Holiday season?

New items: Shtix — milk chocolate sticks filled with milk-flavored cream and organic red beets.


What suggestions do you have for customers/shoppers during the upcoming High Holiday shopping season?

Shop early and frequent the stores as we pop out new shippers as each sell through. We sell a large assortment of frozen foods, dairy, soups, snacks, and non-perishables.