Kosher Canteen Is Now Open in the Bender JCC!

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When did you open up the canteen?

We’ve just opened last week in the lobby of the Bender JCC and our hours are currently Sunday to Friday beginning at 7:30am. Our closing hours will vary based on the JCC’s activities.  From Monday to Thursday, we will be open until at least 5:30pm, closing earlier on Sundays and Fridays before Shabbat.


What has been the response and feedback for it so far?

So far, very positive. The Bender JCC has been looking to add a coffee shop for both members, staff and local community looking for a quick bite.  This is a great affordable option for parents dropping off their kids at school/camp, gym members and local commuters who want a healthy option on their way to work for breakfast or lunch.

What does it offer now and what will it offer in the future?

Currently, the Canteen offers fresh made sandwiches, wraps and salads, breakfast pastries, yogurts, several iced tea, juice and smoothie options, toasted bagels with cream cheese and fresh brewed coffee .


What are your plans for continued growth for your company: e.g. Medina Cuisine, The Kosher Kitchen, and the Canteen?

As a kosher business, our goal is to provide best-in-class event catering, gourmet kosher food service and make sure to offer customer a top-notch customer service experience.  We want clients to choose us because they want the best.

The canteen is located in the lobby of the JCC. The Kosher Kitchen can be found at and Medina Cuisine can be found at