Beth Sholom Hosts Master Chef Competition for Chai Lifeline Kids

Written by Kol HaBirah Staff on . Posted in Food/Dining

On Jan. 27, Chai Lifeline Mid-Atlantic spiced things up with an epic Master Chef competition in Potomac, Maryland.

 Chai Lifeline provides programs and services designed to meet the unique emotional, social, and financial needs of families living with serious pediatric illness or loss. In the Chai Lifeline Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, kids are paired up with a Chai Lifeline volunteer; each pair is known as a “BigSib, LittleSib duo.” A few times a month, a duo will engage in an activity together. LittleSibs look forward to the outing, which provides undivided attention from their BigSib. The Jan. 27 Master Chef competition was certainly a unique activity for these BigSib, LittleSib pairs.

The BigSib, LittleSib pairs arrived at Beth Sholom Congregation ready to turn up the heat. They were welcomed by Master Chef Jonathan Welfeld, who arranged a delicious menu and beautiful spread. Dressed up in chef hats, coats, and aprons, the kids were ready to compete. Each pair teamed up with a member of the community to create a state-of-the-art sandwich.

As soon as the timer started, each group ran to quickly grab the ingredients needed to complete their dish. The groups were under great pressure, but tried to remain calm, cool, and collected as they competed for first place. With the ingredients they collected, each group created a unique sandwich. Not only did they have to make sure their sandwiches tasted great, but they also needed to look appealing. They plated their delightful creations like true professionals.

After the timer was up, each group’s sandwich was taken to the judge’s table, staffed by guest celebrity judges Beth Sholom’s Rabbi Nissan Antine and community member Sharon Galitzer. After tasting each masterpiece and evaluating the components of the dish, from taste to presentation, they chose a winner. However enjoyable the sandwiches were, the smiles on all the competitors’ faces were the highlight of the event.

By Kol HaBirah Staff