Celebrating Israel Through Cinema and Song

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This weekend offers two opportunities in Rockville, Maryland, to combine the spirit of Shabbat Shira (the Shabbat of Song) with celebration of the State of Israel. On Saturday evening, Jan. 27, Tikvat Israel will screen the Israeli film “Harmonia,” a modern take on the biblical love triangle among Avraham, Sarah, and Hagar, set against the backdrop of the Jerusalem Philharmonic. On Sunday afternoon, Jan. 28, the Foundation for Jewish Studies will present “LeArtzi Yesh Yom Huledet” (“My Land Has a Birthday), a concert featuring Chazzan Dr. Ramón Tasat, accompanied by five guest musicians, at Kol Shalom.

Har Tzeon-Agudath Achim’s Kol Ish Shabbaton is a Rousing Success

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On Jan. 13 and 14, Har Tzeon-Agudath Achim Congregation in Silver Spring, Maryland, hosted the Kol Ish Shabbaton and concert in memory of Cantor Elija and Anna Olkon, z”l. A capella group Kol Ish led Friday night zemirot, Shabbat morning services, and performed at the Saturday concert. Over 150 people attended Friday night dinner and over 250 attended Saturday night’s concert. Meredith Altschuler chaired the event, with help from volunteers Chanie Beckman, Delores Berman, Janice Kaye, Aaron Leibel, Jessica Lubetsky, Phyllis Perlberg, Andrea Shindell, and Scott Wasserberg.

 By Adrienne Suson


RINA of Baltimore Offers Creative Outlet for Post-Seminary Girls

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Creative expression is arguably as important for one’s confidence and happiness as school and social outlets. In the Orthodox Jewish community, opportunities for young women to express themselves in a creative way are few and far between. When a girl graduates from high school and moves on to college and work, there is often little time left to focus on her personal interests and desire for self-expression.

To My Father, Nathan Shor, On His 13th Yahrzeit

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My father, Nathan Shor, was unique. Born in the New World, he really was a product of the Old World, the one of his parents and grandparents. He loved that world; after losing his father when he was 19, he held on to it even tighter and carried it with him all his life. Most significantly for me, he made sure that his children were a part of it as well.

A History of Orthodox Baltimore

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“My Shtetl Baltimore,” by Eli W. Schlossberg, gives a glimpse into Orthodox Baltimore using informative vignettes and portraits of many venerated rebbeim (rabbis), including Rav Naftali Neuberger, Rav Aharon Feldman, and Rav Jacob Ruderman of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel (Ner Israel Rabbinic College).

Sunday Nights at Seven

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If I ever have the chance to meet Jerry Seinfeld, I have a question for him: Is he a fan of the old Jack Benny show? The two shows have many similarities, especially in structure. The idea of one central character surrounded by all kinds of strange and unique characters was a hallmark of “Seinfeld,” but decades before “Seinfeld” it was the basis for the Jack Benny show. It takes a particular talent to be able to pull it off. Jack Benny was such a talent, and so much more.

‘Hanna and the Moonlit Dress’ Captures the Imagination

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On Sunday, Dec. 10, approximately 210 people came together at the Gordon Center for Performing Arts at the JCC in Owings Mills, Maryland, to experience the magic of “Hanna and the Moonlit Dress.” “Hanna” is an interactive musical that brings to life the PJ Library story “Hanna’s Sabbath Dress,” based on a beloved Israeli fable by Itzhak Schweiger-Dmi’el.

Bender JCC Family Fun Day

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Children and families enjoying storytime (in both Hebrew and English) with the Israeli American Council (IAC) at Bender JCC’s Family Fun Day on Dec. 25 in Rockville, Maryland. (Photo courtesy of the Bender JCC)


‘Soon by You’ Celebrates First Season Finale

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“Soon by You,” the hit YouTube series that’s captivated the Orthodox Jewish community, has wrapped up its first season. Originally intended as a standalone short film, “Soon by You” morphed into a show based on the overwhelming audience response: Fans were begging for more, and the creators were more than happy to comply.

Behold the Power of Cheese

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Cheese is a fascinating food. It’s a complex product, it’s versatile and delicious, and it’s timeless. Cheese also ties in very strongly to Chanukah.

In fact, in the time of the Greeks, Yehudit played a key role in the victory of Chanukah because she was able to neutralize the fearsome Greek general of the opposing forces in quick order. How did Yehudit accomplish this? She fed cheese to the general to make him thirsty, then gave him a flask of wine to drink, which made him incapacitated, ultimately leading to his downfall. Yehudit therefore was able to score a strategic victory and helped put a quick end to the awful war against the Jews.