Local Rabbi Makes Washington Post Bestseller List

Written by Kol HaBirah Staff on . Posted in Arts & Entertainment

On Sunday, May 27, “Win: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Destiny,” a motivational book by local author Rabbi Steven Baars, climbed to number 10 on the Washington Post’s nonfiction Bestsellers List. The newly published book achieved this feat less than two weeks after it was released. In the book, Rabbi Baars teaches people how to change their thinking to achieve their goals.

“A student texted me [that the book made the bestseller list] and I was very surprised — but not at what you might think. If you read my book you will realize that I was surprised it was not number one,” Rabbi Baars said. “Nevertheless, getting on the list is no small thing and I am very happy.”

It is this determined and confident attitude that Rabbi Baars hopes to impart to his readers. While many people believe that motivation leads to success, Rabbi Baars espouses the opposite philosophy: that believing one will succeed actually generates the necessary motivation to succeed. Described as “the hit of the FORTUNE Magazine summit” by Verne Harnish, bestselling author and founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, this motivational book will help people change their thinking to achieve this mindset.

“Winners don’t have more stamina or built-in genius, they have just learned how to think in ways that get them the results they want,” according to Rabbi Baars. He says the book has broad appeal, describing it as “a Jewish book for everyone.”

Harvey Deutschendorf, an emotional intelligence expert, internationally published author, and speaker, described the book as “A fresh, exciting and insightful perspective on what motivates and drives us ... It offers fresh and thoughtful perspectives outside of the range of thinking of most success books that I have read. One of the most compelling arguments the author makes is that our happiness today, depends upon how we see tomorrow.”

Rabbi Baars is the executive director of Aish Seminars, and a 25-year veteran educator and marriage counselor. He is also a regular contributor to Kol Habirah. His previous book, “Bliss: The Marriage AND Parenting Book,” was published by BookSurge Publishing in 2007.