Tales From The Shopping Cart

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In addition to their weekly sales, Shalom Kosher should advertise the social benefit that the store affords its customers by being a social hub on erev Shabbat. The friend you have been meaning to call, the neighbor that you never get to see because of your busy schedules, the woman that always has the nice word to say during an especially challenging week, and, of course, the person you were avoiding at all costs because of the huge time commitment a discussion next to the cantaloupes entails–– all of these people are there on a Friday afternoon. Men and women push carts up and down the aisles, some in a rush, some looking confused, others with a clear mission and purpose to the trip.

One thing about this humdrum piece of daily living, however, is that there is always something that lies deeper than the groceries in the cart.

Making Plans for the Future for a Loved One With Special Needs

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When you have a loved one with special needs, making plans for the future takes on a whole new level of complexity. You need to ensure your loved one is financially provided for throughout his or her life. But there are quality of life issues to consider as well, and knowing where to find the best support systems and resources is vital. That’s why it’s so important to engage professionals, both financial and legal, who have expertise in special needs issues.

Many attorneys have expertise in estate planning, but when selecting a professional to help determine the parameters of care for a loved one with special needs, you will want to be sure the individual has skill and expertise in:

Overwhelmed by Success

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Dear Rivkie,

How do you suggest I handle a project I started that has become much larger than I anticipated so quickly? It is exciting that this is the case, but I am not able to fully handle the onslaught of emails, tasks and interest from all sides that want a piece of me, and I wonder how you suggest I go about dealing with that so I can relieve myself from being overwhelmed?

When Your Interview ‘Really’ Begins

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Your interview for a new job does not begin when you sit down with your prospective employer’s hiring manager. That’s your formal interview. Your real interview includes everything a prospective employer can learn about you before your formal interview.

Cover letter and resume. Expect an employer to review your cover letter and resume with no tolerance for typos and jargon, and to compare these documents for consistency. To protect yourself, you should carefully review these documents. Even better, have two other people review these materials–one, an expert proofreader; the other, someone who knows your industry.

Job Search Nugget: Introducing Chameleon Resumes

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From time to time, we will highlight sources of free online information that can help in your job search. Although these sources are typically for-profit ventures, to interest people in their services they provide some information for free.

Today’s focus is Chameleon Resumes (www.chameleonresumes.com). Lisa Rangel is the company’s founder and managing director. Her free services include webinars, “cheat sheets” on resumes and LinkedIn, an e-book, weekly podcasts, and a blog. Although she states that executives are her target, there is much of value here for executives and non-executives alike.