Job Search Nugget: What Makes You Stand Out

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Let’s say you saw a job opening last week that appealed to you and you submitted your resume. It’s safe to assume that you’re not the only person who applied. Perhaps 10 — or 500 — other people also applied. Therefore, it is critical that your resume stands out.

To do so, it’s important to demonstrate the contributions that made you stand out in your previous and current jobs. What you accomplished in the past can help the employer assess what you can contribute in the future.

Flying High on Chol Hamoed

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You are approaching the finish line. In fact, if you are reading this article before Pesach has started, that is a good sign that you are conscious, are still able to formulate words and sentences, and haven’t experienced permanent damage from inhaled bleach fumes. Therefore, we can move on to thinking about chol hamoed. Because just when you think you can’t cook one more thing, your family will wake up the morning after a beautiful two days of Yom Tov and want … more food. Oh, and they also expect to do fun things, like trips that involve planning and directions and food that needs to be packed. This is all very real, especially because your kids will be forced to answer their friends’ intense scrutiny after Pesach,when they receive the inevitable “What did you do on chol hamoed?” questions from their friends.

Dear Rivkie: Coping With Copious Courses

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Dear Rivkie,

Why does Shabbos lunch have to have so many courses?! I have guests often and I want to just serve one course but I feel pressured to serve an appetizer. Not only that, but what if my guests don’t like the appetizer? I always feel like I need to have another option or two (or more), and then something for the picky kids, and don’t forget about the allergies! I really enjoy entertaining, but it is so overwhelming.

So Let it Be Written, So Let it Be Done

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Pesachis a yom tov (holiday) where we talk about many miracles as we retell the story of the Jews leaving Egypt. I am sorry to say, though, there are no miracles contained within this column that will transform your Pesach preparations into something completely different from what you have been used to. Before you sink into depression and think that there is no hope for you other than heading to a Pesachhotel, I am here to cheer you on and tell you that there are two tools that you can use this year that will pay huge dividends in future years.

Dear Rivkie: Texting Trouble

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Dear Rivkie,

I learned from my girls that a dear friend’s daughter is texting on Shabbat. This is the kind of news that would crush my friend, who is always bragging about her kids. I am hesitant to share this with her, but on the other hand I feel that she should know this information. What should I do?

Torn Tirtza


Heart Broken

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Marriage is a special and unique union with ONE and only one person. By definition, that means you will say YES to one individual, and NO to every other option on the planet. This thought should calm you down when you find yourself saying NO to many. You will be saying NO to all people, accept the ONE you marry. With all these turned down relationships, there is bound to be some heartache and heart break in the mix. Let’s discuss how we can minimize this to protect ourselves, protect others, and more quickly find our forever relationship.

Whether you chose to meet people through a shadchan (matchmaker) is a matter of preference. Let’s discuss the benefits. A shadchan is often more aware of guys and girls that would be of the appropriate age range, hashkafic level, family background, and of suitable personality for you to meet. This system is in no way perfect. I’m the first to admit it.

Tales of a Wannabe Kollel Wife

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Author’s note: These vignettes are true stories based on true stories. All characters are real; names have been changed to protect the innocent. Hindsight is 20/20. I share my world with you because 1.) my life is crazy and hilarious, 2.) we are so immersed in our mundane hectic lives that we forget to stop and smell the roses, and 3.) by stopping to hear my tales, maybe you’ll be reminded to see the silver lining in your life and take some laughs along the way.

Explaining Your Layoff

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If you were laid off — that is, lost your job through no fault of your own — unfortunately you have lots of company. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 1.6 million people are laid off nationwide in a typical month — that’s more than 70,000 each business day.

When Your Interview ‘Really’ Ends

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Just as your real job interview begins well before your formal interview, which we discussed in the previous column, so too your interview does not end when you leave the interviewer’s office. Rather, your real interview continues through your follow-up actions. At a minimum, you don’t want to burn any bridges by being pushy. Beyond that, through the steps listed below, you can improve your chances of being hired.

Confirm next steps. Before you leave the interviewer’s office, you should ask about the next steps in the hiring process and the timing of those steps. If you have not heard from the company within the stated time frame, it is okay for you to contact the company and ask about it. It is very important that you respect the time frame stated by the company and do not appear pushy (examples: calling to check in before the agreed-upon date, or calling frequently).

Making a List, Checking it Twice

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Picture the following three real-life situations:

Number One: You’ve delegated the task of baking a cake to you daughter. The only problem is that there is not enough oil in the house. Should she pretend we are watching our fat intake and substitute applesauce? Whoops— we don’t have any applesauce either!

Number Two: You promised your kids eggs for breakfast. However, you ran out of eggs last night. You send your kids in pajamas to knock on the neighbor’s door.

No Other Gods

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Should robots have to pay taxes? Bill Gates thinks that they should. In a recent interview, he suggested that if a robot replaces a job a human was once paid to do, the robot should have to pay taxes to make up for the lost revenue.

There are legitimate fears and concerns about the adverse economic impact of new job-snatching technologies and what feels like a looming crisis (that’s a nerdy Luddite pun).

While Gates presents what seems like the beginning of a solution, with every solution it’s important to make sure it does not solve one problem and create another.