Dear Rivkie: A Weighty Issue

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(source: HomeGymr)I’m continually frustrated at attempts to control my weight! I have to make sure to pack up all my food for the day each morning because I work far from any kosher food options; when I don’t bring food, I am forced to grab unhealthy packaged snacks or starve. And don’t even get me started on Shabbos, yom tovim, simchas… I feel as if I don’t stand a chance on holidays and special occassions. How do I get my diet under control while still participating in all the beautiful food-related aspects of Jewish life? Please help!

Carpool Karaoke

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I love driving carpool. Would you like to know why? I love how clean my car is after each kid diligently takes his or her trash out upon exiting the vehicle. Who can forget the completely peaceful negotiations about who sits in which seat? Each child is more willing than the next to let a sibling sit in the front. The fresh smell of teenage boys at the end of a long and sweaty day of class and basketball practice is especially nice. Finally, there is the punctuality of all the kids that I drive each day, never once tempting me to beep the…beep beep beep…the horn… beep beep beep…

Dating With Disabilities

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Most of us have been set up with someone who was not a match, but with whom we shared maybe one or two commonalities; family history, or height, for example. Don’t we wish people would reflect on the inner intricacies of our personality, interests, goals, and values to find us an appropriate, balanced shidduch?

Ask Chad, The Mortgage Expert

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Chad, I’m interested in buying a home, but since I have been looking, rates have gone up. I have some that are telling me that rates may move down, but I am afraid they will go up even more. What should I do?

The first point I want to make is that there is no way anyone can predict which direction interest rates will move in the future — just as you can’t predict the movements in the stock market. Because of this uncertainty, even after you purchase, one of the most perplexing decisions someone has to make is when to lock in an interest rate on their new mortgage.

Teaching Your Children About Money

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(Source: is Financial Literacy Month, an ideal time to think about the lessons your children are learning about money. Setting a good financial example is just the start. Parents should also actively engage children on the topic. These lessons can help put kids and teens on the right path towards a financially responsible adulthood.

Surviving the Biological Clock: Religious Considerations Around Egg Freezing

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(source: Orthodox Jewish circles, early marriages and large families are the norm. Dating is oriented towards marriage, as family is the foundation of the Orthodox Jewish way of life. At present, single Orthodox women are going through a crisis of sorts as there are significantly more single women than single men. This imbalance leaves many young women singlelate into their 30s and 40s, a problem the Orthodox community is grappling with although it is unclear how it started in the first place. Dating in their mid 30s to late 40s leaves women and any potential partner they meet unsure of whether to ignore or address potential fertility issues that may occur with the “older” single woman. Does one bring it up while dating? Is it timely and appropriate to deal with while dating or should the focus be more on the relationship, and fertility left in the hands of G-d?

Ask Rivkie: Tension at the Seder Table

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Dear Rivkie,

We are having a seder with my extended family and I am really dreading it. Although my machatunim (in-laws) say that they want everyone to be comfortable and people should feel free to do what they want, every year they roll their eyes and make comments about the family tradition when I try to eat the right amount of maror (bitter herb), for example, based on what I have been taught by my own parents, teachers, and rabbis.

10 Tips for Including People With Disabilities in Your Seder

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With Passover shortly upon us, it’s easy to hold a seder where all guests — with and without disabilities — feel welcomed, respected, and have fun. However, with all the sitting still and prayers, holidays can be somewhat challenging for people with ADHD issues.Moreover, at Passover, children with learning disabilities generally do not want to be called on to read the part of the “Simple Child. But Moses had a speech disability — and he is our role model and hero! So all it takes is some planning. Thus, here are some tips to ensure your gatherings are inclusive, thoughtful, and welcoming to all.