Blizzards, Cows, Puppies, Dating and Colostrum: Never a Dull Moment at the Farm

Written by Aryeh Goldschein on . Posted in Advice Columns

After ignoring many phone calls from the editing team from Kol HaBirah they finally reached me on Tuesday asking about my article. I explained to them how busy I was and would not be able to write an article. They wouldn’t take no for an answer, so here I am during the blizzard, trying to throw this together.

The reason why I am so busy is that aside from all the cows starting to give birth, I already had to help pull a calf out because the mother was having trouble. I went to the city for Purim and wanted to join my family’s seudah (festive meal). This was a big step for me because I was bringing along a girl that I have been dating for some time. I have actually been using the advice from Kol HaBirah’s dating section!


The problem with going into the city was that I have two Goldens due at any point, so I had a worker stay with them and if any of them went into labor, then I would jump into my truck and fly back upstate. All was going well; we went out to deliver mishoach manot throughout the city and stopped by a small Purim party before going to my family’s Seudah. About an hour after arriving I received the dreaded phone call that would make me drop everything.

Kelly is in labor.

Normally I would be very happy to hear that, but not when I was introducing my date to my family and only had one cup of wine so far. I really was looking forward to drinking and having a great time. So I ditched her at my parents and headed upstate. She ended up staying over at my parents and getting a ride with my sister to the airport the next morning. We both knew this was coming, so she was really cool with it, but was more annoyed that I didn’t say goodbye. Maybe I could get some advice from the dating section on how to rectify the situation…

The great news is Kelly had seven puppies!! One is a runt, so I have been working very hard with it to get enough milk and it’s doing great. Let’s see if you can spot him in the pictures; he is about half the size of the rest of the puppies.

Gotta end the article here, the other dog has colostrum and may give birth at any moment. We also already have over a foot and a half of snow and it’s still going strong.

Have a great weekend everyone.