Overwhelmed by Success

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Dear Rivkie,

How do you suggest I handle a project I started that has become much larger than I anticipated so quickly? It is exciting that this is the case, but I am not able to fully handle the onslaught of emails, tasks and interest from all sides that want a piece of me, and I wonder how you suggest I go about dealing with that so I can relieve myself from being overwhelmed?



Harried Hershel

Dear Harried Hershel,

Well, well, well, success is a double-edged sword, it seems. First of all, this is the time to get one or more interns, tout de suite! The Berman Hebrew Academy, for example, has an internship requirement for their seniors, and I’m sure there is no shortage of bright, promising young men and women who are dying to work in your field. Although I don’t know you, you seem like a lot of fun, so I’m sure you’d have more than one willing subject. The most successful people are the ones who also are the most willing to delegate tasks that they know they can have someone else do to their satisfaction. Make a list of the things that you could have an intern or a hire do, and then find one or more people to do them soon. On the other side, make a list of things that only YOU can do, so it’s clear in your mind. Furthermore, use whatever resources you have in terms of older, wiser, more experienced people who are in your field and pick their brains. Better yet, find a mentor– someone willing to gently guide you on your path. Hatzlacha and much success to you on this and many more endeavors in the future.