Letters to Editor - February 16, 2017

Written by Hillel Goldschein on . Posted in Feedback

I think you did a great job. It is very impressive that you conceived of this and created something out of nothing coordinating all the ‘moving parts’ and coming up with a tangible end product. The fact that it is a tremendous service to the community is icing on the cake. Really-be’ hatzlacha! I hope you see sustained interest and growth. I’m looking forward to your next issue!  –Sarena Mayer

I’m impressed that you had 64 pages in the first issue! I don’t see how you’ll be able to match that in two weeks though. -Half of the community

I read Kol Habirah cover to cover last night and it really enjoyed it (well not all the really long articles but the interesting
ones about dating advice, Abie and food :) It included a good cross section of the Greater Washington community and had great layout and presentation. I am looking forward to the second issue! –Elana Garfield

Get rid of the Abie article. It’s condescending and inappropriate –Anonymous

I read your paper - I really liked the Selma article! –Devon, staff member at Shomrai Emunah


I got stuck with two people who tried to set me up during today’s kiddish… I should have used your dating advice. -Anonymous

I enjoyed reading the first issue. Looks to me like some of the content is quite a bit to the right of me. –Anonymous

A number of folks were concerned about some of the topics and ideas in the paper. We are not sure we can we want it dropped off here anymore. Thanks! –Anonymous

Very nice paper. It was so nice how you included so many different demographics, both old and young, within all the Greater Washington Jewish communities. Bezras Hashem you should have a lot of hatzlacha! –Nechemia Monn

Ps I got a copy and it’s awesome. I’m so impressed that just you and a few people were able to roll out such a huge professional operation. For real. –Anonymous

An impressive inaugural issue! Comprehensive, informative, diverse coverage, well written. Sets the bar high for

future issues. If you are the secret columnist for “Advice-Dating” this is a potential weak spot. Keep publishing & be certain to allow others to proof read. By the way---to what extent does the paper target reformed congregations? Buddy –The professor

Grandpa and I got the issue. You’re an enterprising young man, I’m so proud of you! What’s your address? I’m going to
send you a fat check! –Grandma Goldschein

That was a great first issue. I have an idea for you, are you listening? Build it up a bit and after a few issues, sell it
for $5M. –Grandpa (Dr.) Goldschein

You have a lovely disposition. That’s a nice quality for a newspaper man –Anonymous