Letters to the Editor - February 3, 2017

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Here at Kol HaBirah, we love feedback–– which is great, because we get a lot of it. We even received feedback before our first issue hit the stands!

Please send your feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can publish it in our regular feedback section. Keep in mind that our general policy is to favor submissions that are provided with a name and location (e.g., Bethesda, Maryland).

Here are a few pieces of helpful feedback our publisher received in response to the idea to start Kol HaBirah:

“So… all that education was a waste?” –– Dr. Goldschein, the publisher’s mom

“It can take you years before you become profitable.” –– Dr. Goldschein, the publisher’s dad


“So, Hillel, you have surfaced as a newspaper publisher! Looks like Jared Kushner has replaced me as a career model. Now you have to find an Ivanka and convert her. The enterprise sounds challenging and exciting. Now I’ll go directly to the cautions: 1) from an economic standpoint publishing is close to an impossible business–– every day publications are closing–– our digital world has taken a terrible toll; 2) beware of the social attraction clouding your assessment of the economic viability of the paper; and 3) this is very unlikely to become your prime source of income SOOO do not be too quick to join the ranks of the unemployed.

You have yet to find the right job in the I/O Psychology world, but it is out there and it is within that realm you may eventually find expression for your entrepreneurial needs.

Give me a fuller picture of your career thinking when you have the time.”

––Hillel’s graduate school professor and (apparently former) role model

“P.S. If a laundromat is an advertiser your worries are over.”

–– Hillel’s graduate school professor and (apparently former) role model

“To Hillel, who is embarking on a great new endeavor that will not be a disaster. Good luck!”

Dr. Tevi Troy, signing a copy of his book “Shall We Wake the President?” It advises presidents on disaster management...

“Don’t forget us when you make it to the big time. I heard you are a hard worker and I am investing in you early on because I believe in you. Remember that I was your friend when you first started before you became established.” –– Executive officer in a local organization

“Congratulations on your new business! I wish you much success and I want you to know that if there is anyone who can handle the political aspects of the different types of Jews and political views in the Washington DC area, it is you!” –– Eytan Goldschein, Hillel’s Brother

“This is great news!  Can you drop it by our office? We can leave it out.  Congrats man!”

–– Hillel’s former boss, after hearing about the launch of his new Jewish newspaper.

“Make sure to use your good manners in your business. Don’t move to a house too quickly. Get married first!” –– The helpful attendant at Hillel’s apartment building

“Sounds like a great idea and lots of work!”

“Very ambitious project and will certainly keep you off the streets and out of trouble.”


A few more of the common lines thrown our way:

“It’s a terrible business idea… how will you support yourself? Who’s funding this? What is your niche? Print newspaper is a dying business! Don’t leave your job… What did my competitor advertise?”