Zehut’s Moshe Feiglin Pulls No Punches

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Moshe Feiglin is a former Likud member who is forming his own party called Zehut (Hebrew for “identity”). Feiglin was recently in Maryland, visiting family and conducting meetings, and sat down with Kol HaBirah to discuss U.S.-Israel relations, his hawkish stance on Iran, the Israeli economy, and more.

Israel Sci-Tech Schools Praises Ulta-Orthodox Alumna’s Contribution to Nation’s Security

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Israel Sci-Tech Schools has been at the forefront of working with secular and religious authorities to forge educational curricula that adequately educate and train charedi (ultra-Orthodox) women for employment in technology fields, including the defense and weapons industries. Among them is Meitar, a graduate of an Orthodox girls' Israel Sci-Tech High School in Beit She’an, who recently joined RAFAEL, Israel’s Weapons Development Authority, one of the most prestigious positions in the country.

Race to Lead Israel’s Labor Party Tightening

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With Israel’s primary for Labor Party leadership heating up, former defense minister Amir Peretz continues to lead polls, but the race for second place is tightening, with the gap narrowing between Knesset Members Avi Gabai and Erel Margalit.

Celebrating a Unified City

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U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit to Israel was already distant memory by Wednesday morning as the capital city’s Jerusalem Day festivities, celebrating 50 years of Jerusalem’s reunification, kicked off in earnest.

Trump, Netanyahu, and Barkat Receive ‘Jerusalem Declaration’

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Historic initiative bearing over 500,000 signatures from 168 countries is a truly global statement of support for a united Jerusalem.

Just prior to U.S. President Donald Trump’s whirlwind tour of Israel and the breathtaking and emotional 50th anniversary Jerusalem Day celebrations across the country, the staff of United with Israel, the world’s largest grassroots pro-Israel movement, met with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat to present him with “The Jerusalem Declaration,” a book containing the names of over 500,000 individuals from around the world who recognize Jerusalem as both the eternal capital of the Jewish People and the undivided capital of the State of Israel.