Shutting Down the Neighborhood Bully

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The Destruction of Israel Movement (DIM) is a disruptive movement dedicated to the propagation of vicious lies about Israel, portraying the Jewish homeland as a country of war crimes and apartheid. DIM also receives financial support from anti-Israel terrorist groups; in 2016, Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked even referred to the movement as “the new face of terrorism.”

The Rohingya Crisis: Behind the Headlines

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The images are disturbing, the stories startling. The military of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and many of its civilians stand accused of committing mass murder, rape, and expulsion of the Rohingya people. Since 2016, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees have fled to neighboring Bangladesh. The western media does a valiant job at portraying the current plight of the Rohingya, but it misses several key aspects of the conflict — namely, the history of Buddhism and Islam in Myanmar, Britain’s colonial legacy, and the connection between Rohingya militants and jihadist extremism.

Who Will Lead the Islamic World?

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The Quran teaches that Muslims are a nation (ummah in Arabic), and the Muslim ummah has traditionally been led by caliphs, regarded as the successors of Muhammad. The caliphate existed continuously from Muhammad’s death until 1924: After the Ottoman Empire’s defeat in World War I, Kemal Atatürk decreed that Turkey become a secular, European-style republic and abolished the caliphate, which was then based in Istanbul.

Civic Discourse, Not Civil War: A Message from Federation CEO Gil Preuss

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With Chanukah’s approach, I’ve been giving thought to the true origins of the holiday, and how they mirror the challenges we face as a society today. The holiday hoopla of dreidels, jelly donuts, latkes, and presents masks the dark secret of the holiday’s history. While it is true that the Maccabees restored Jewish sovereignty to Judaea and cleansed Jerusalem from foreign cultural subjugation, the actual catalyst for losing Jewish independence and religious freedom was an out of control Jewish civic debate on religious/cultural identity and loyalty. Talk and debate turned violent. Senseless internal hatred tore the community apart and led to civil war.

Israeli Strikes on Syria: Too Little, Too Late?

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Israel's Syria policy seems to have finally turned a corner. Last week, Israeli warplanes struck the Assad regime and Iranian proxies in Syria with record intensity, hitting five bases in just 72 hours. Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer similarly intensified the rhetoric, telling Politico, “If Iran is not rolled back in Syria, the chances of military confrontation are growing ... by the week.” Privately, Israeli military officials even bemoaned to Al-Monitor that Israel did not work to overthrow Assad years ago.

I’m A Latina Who Works for the ADL. JVP’s Attacks Shocked Me.

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Originally published Nov. 20 in The Forward and republished here with permission.


I’m a non-Jewish Latina who works at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

I love this work. I’m proud of this work. I’ve taken up the cause of fighting anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry because, as a Latina, I can’t simply be concerned with anti-immigrant or anti-Latino hate. To be effective in building a more equal and just society, I believe deeply that I have to fight all forms of hatred. And that includes the hatred of Jews.

Be Careful Whose Side You Are On

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Iran, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, and Yemen.

One of these nations is considered an existential threat to Israel. Another used poison gas on its own citizens. Still another is testing the world’s sense of security as a rogue nuclear threat.

A Look in the Mirror

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In the Greater Washington area, I’ve identified an estimated 95 congregations, five Jewish day schools, three JCCs, a number of national Jewish organizations, and one Jewish cultural center at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue. Locating even one Judaic fine arts gallery, however, has proven impossible. While there are a handful of art galleries with the potential to be high-level, serious Judaic art galleries that could sell to any Jew (or, for that matter, non-Jew) who shows an interest in Judaic art, my findings reflect that these few Jewish cultural facilities will tell you their priorities are: one, Jewish artists creating any art; and two, no Judaic themes.

Let’s Focus on The Positive

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My beloved Jewish family — we must talk!

Thanksgiving break offered me the reprieve to reflect on the most arduous two weeks of my 22-year Hillel career — the weeks prior to the BDS vote at the University of Maryland. I entered these weeks on a high: It was Sunday, Nov. 5, and Maryland Hillel had just pulled off the largest family weekend in our history. We served 2,100 meals and held multiple learning sessions; celebrated with a large-scale Jewish art showcase, including a sermon slam and performances by Hillel’s three a cappella groups and its Israeli dance troupe; and we welcomed a brand-new Torah, all in one weekend.

From McDonald’s to the NSA

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With every new technological innovation, thousands of new jobs are created and new skills are needed. As a co-founder of AboutWeb, an information technology (IT) government contractor based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, I became increasingly concerned over the years that people in economically-challenged areas were getting left out of the ongoing technology boom. IT jobs were filled by foreign workers, and I wondered whether these IT jobs could be filled by unemployed Americans with a little bit of training; many of these IT positions don’t even require a degree.

The Shadow of Their Smile

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Incentives for terror include having your house rebuilt after its demolition. Best real estate deal in the Middle East.

On Nov. 17, an Arab teenager used his family car to ram 70-year-old David Ramati just outside of Efrat, Israel; Ramati was moderately injured. The driver sped on to ram another Jew at the Gush Etzion Junction, this time mauling Even Ezer Holaring, a 35-year-old father of five children, who remains in a coma. Ramati’s first response to the media was to comment on the big, wide smile that the Arab teen sported as he tried to kill him.