BDS Says Speak With Your Dollars — And Speak We Shall

Written by Ben Kramer on . Posted in Op-Ed

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement is a propaganda tool being utilized by Israel’s Arab neighbors to do what they haven’t been able to accomplish through multiple wars of aggression and decades of terrorist atrocities targeting Israel’s civilian population — destroy Israel.

The Conversation We Should be Having

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I had the pleasure of attending the IAC (Israeli American Council) conference in DC this past week. I love their mission to engage Israeli Americans with American diaspora Jewish life and to engage them along with their children in identity building, learning, and Israel advocacy. As a Jewish professional and as a Jewish mother, I was forced to think about the cultural differences between the Israeli American community and the established Jewish American community and institutions. IAC has changed my perspective on Jewish engagement and how these two community identities are disconnected while having common goals. That is a powerful take away.

The Real Existential Threat to Jews

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Jewish communities have survived slavery, persecution, poverty, and mass expulsions. Despite the existential threats over the millennia, Jews have found a way to sustain Judaism for more than 3,800 years.

Comparatively, Jews today thrive throughout the world. We have a strong homeland, robust Jewish philanthropy in America, and a continuum of ultra-Orthodox through secular Jewry living in freedom on six continents.

Support For an Independent Kurdistan

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On Monday, September 25, an embattled and persecuted people democratically voted for their independence. Voter turnout was high, approximately 72 per cent of the 8.4 million-strong population taking part. On Wednesday evening,  election officials in Irbil, the semi-autonomous Kurdish Regional Government (KRG)'s capital, announced that the Kurdish people voted overwhelmingly in favor (93%) of the creation of an independent Kurdistan.

To the Pro-Israel Community: Out of the Tower!

Written by Jackson Richman and Samuel Kramer on . Posted in Op-Ed

“We need to defund the PA.”

“You’re preaching to the choir, sir.”

This was a snippet of a conversation with Senator Ted Cruz (Tx. – R) about the status of the Taylor Force Act during the Conservative Political Action Conference in February 2017. The act would defund U.S. assistance to the Palestinian Authority (PA) as long as it continues paying the families of terrorists.

Raqqa Report Highlights the UN’s Illogical Double Standard Against Israel

Written by Sarah Stern and Jennifer Dekel on . Posted in Op-Ed

The United Nations (U.N.) was founded in 1945 upon the loftiest of principles. The U.N. Charter, among other things, resolves to “reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small.”

However, anyone who has observed the behavior of the U.N. is aware that the institution has descended far from these magnificent goals. There is one small nation, Israel, which is constantly singled out for excessive and disproportionate condemnation.

Giving PTSD the Jewish Treatment

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A recent study from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) found that the daily number of American veterans who commit suicide has decreased from 22 to 20 a day — a small improvement, but a step in the right direction. The leading cause of veteran suicide is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a disorder where the person has intense and sometimes disturbing thoughts about a traumatic event that can lead to severe psychological suffering. It is very common in veterans that have combat experience, and after almost two decades of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have a lot of veterans with combat experience and many with PTSD.

Bipartisan Pro-Israel Support Has Never Been Stronger

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Ed. Note: The following is a response to “The Menendez Trial and the Future of Bipartisan Support for Israel” by Shep Gerszberg (September 14 issue).

Even if staunch Israel-supporter Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is found guilty of corruption, bipartisan support for Israel will still remain at historic highs.

Students and Smartphones

Written by Rabbi  Johnny Solomon Special to Kol HaBirah on . Posted in Op-Ed

Over the past month, Jerusalem has been flooded by young men and women arriving from the United States, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom to begin a year of study in yeshiva or seminary. These students come to Israel for a year of learning, growth, and personal development. For many of them, the year will be a turning point in their lives.

A Year in Which Israel Cannot Rest on Its Laurels

Written by Gil Hoffman, Chief Political Correspondent for The Jerusalem Post Special to Kol HaBirah on . Posted in Op-Ed

The Mishna in Ethics of Our Fathers teaches that a 70-year-old has reached a “ripe old age” (“seiva” in Hebrew), a term used in the Book of Chronicles to describe King David, who died at age 70.