The Masks We Wear

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There is no holiday like Purim. Not only is it a mitzvah to be happy, when you think about it, Purim is also the only holiday in the Jewish tradition where it is permitted, even compulsory, to drink and be silly.

Pharmaceutical Industry:Please Improve Geriatric Medicine

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The creation of the Institute for Pediatric Innovation stemmed from founder and president Donald Lombardi’s passion for helping children, and from the realization that the needs of pediatric patients are not being sufficiently met. Having now lost two elderly parents, I have realized that, similarly, there are needs of geriatric patients that are not sufficiently met. If I ever make it big, like Lombardi, I will found the Institute of Geriatric Innovation.

Mighty Waters Cannot Extinguish Love: Reflections From Our Mission to Houston

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When Rabbi Uri Topolosky visited Houston days after Hurricane Harvey, one particular young person’s act of chesed (kindness) inspired him. After the hurricane had caused a bat mitzvah at Houston’s United Orthodox Synagogues (UOS) to be postponed, the bat mitzvah girl, Gali, announced that she was donating all her bat mitzvah presents to recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Our Consumer Protections Are Under Siege

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Now, more than ever, strong consumer protections are critically needed. Americans have taken on more debt than at any time since the beginning of the recession in 2008. Predatory lending and debt-collection lawsuits are disproportionately directed at our communities of color, raising civil rights issues that are exacerbated by the dramatic wealth gaps across racial lines. Lawsuits and other predatory tactics by debt collectors often lead to disastrous consequences for low-income families, including wages being garnished, bank accounts frozen and drained, credit reports (and thus future employment and housing prospects) impaired, and driver’s licenses suspended. But one year into the Trump administration, protections for vulnerable Americans are under siege.

Israel is Wrong to Ban BDS Groups From Entering

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As of Jan. 7, 20 organizations that support the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement are banned from entering the country they love to demonize. However, such a move sets a dangerous precedent, especially in terms of freedom of expression.

The Rohingya Crisis: Behind the Headlines

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The images are disturbing, the stories startling. The military of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and many of its civilians stand accused of committing mass murder, rape, and expulsion of the Rohingya people. Since 2016, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees have fled to neighboring Bangladesh. The western media does a valiant job at portraying the current plight of the Rohingya, but it misses several key aspects of the conflict — namely, the history of Buddhism and Islam in Myanmar, Britain’s colonial legacy, and the connection between Rohingya militants and jihadist extremism.

Advancing Disability Inclusion Though Creativity and Innovation

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This February marks the 10th anniversary of Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month (JDAIM). Since its inception, JDAIM has grown into an international movement where organizations, communities, and congregations find creative ways to take steps toward becoming more inclusive. Many of our local Greater Washington congregations plan special Shabbat services that include individuals with disabilities as guest speakers. From a strong local involvement at the annual Jewish Disability Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill, to MC LIVE, a night of comedy benefitting organizations in our local Jewish community that directly support individuals with disabilities, JDAIM programing has become part of February’s landscape. The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington proudly joins the celebration each year, hosting a dedicated JDAIM page that lists programing ideas along with a running list of events planned.

Turkey is Coming for the Kurds

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“Operation Olive Branch” is an ironic name for the aggressive military campaign carried out by Turkey against the Kurds in Afrin, Syria.

Situated in northwest Syria, Afrin has survived both the Syrian civil war and attacks from the Islamic State (IS); but when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vows to remove the “terrorists” from the region, he is referring to the Kurds — the same Kurds who have heroically fought IS and who have been allies with the U.S. in Syria; the same Kurds who have protected ethnic and religious minorities inside the war-torn country.

Keeping Children Safe — Our Sacred Mission

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Jewish community is built on a code of moral and ethical action. This fundamental principle understands that human beings are flawed and will commit bad, harmful acts. It follows that a functioning society requires rules and oversight to protect vulnerable members. Straightforward as this may seem, we all want to believe that our communities are intact, wholesome places where terrible things do not happen.

Shutting Down the Neighborhood Bully

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The Destruction of Israel Movement (DIM) is a disruptive movement dedicated to the propagation of vicious lies about Israel, portraying the Jewish homeland as a country of war crimes and apartheid. DIM also receives financial support from anti-Israel terrorist groups; in 2016, Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked even referred to the movement as “the new face of terrorism.”

Be Careful Whose Side You Are On

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Iran, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, and Yemen.

One of these nations is considered an existential threat to Israel. Another used poison gas on its own citizens. Still another is testing the world’s sense of security as a rogue nuclear threat.