670 Israeli Teens Teach Holocaust Survivors to Use the Internet

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TEL AVIV, Israel — Students in the Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network are connecting with Holocaust survivors this spring, taking part in a unique program teaching their elderly neighbors to use computers and the internet. The 670 students are paired up with over 360 survivors in 22 cities throughout the country for weekly meetings with local aging survivors of the Holocaust.


The program, dubbed Mechubarim (Hebrew for “connected”) is geared towards connecting the students with their local survivors and connecting the survivors with modern technology. Many times, after developing their initial connection during the students’ high school years, the students will continue to visit the survivor even after they graduate.

“The Mechubarim initiative bridges our students and local Holocaust survivors together in weekly sit-downs, designed for each to get to know the other,” said Zvi Peleg, director-general of Israel Sci-Tech Schools. “The critical connections created by the program teaches our students, Israel’s future, of the horrors of the past insuring that they are never repeated.”

“Their bonding through the teaching technology provides the survivors with the necessary skills to utilize technology to improve their daily lives, communicate with and trace relatives around the world, and share their stories on the worldwide web,” he said.