Pictures Worth a Thousand Verses

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For the Upper School Media Center Art Competition at Berman Hebrew Academy in Rockville, Maryland, students were given the challenge to create artwork that could bring a poem to life.

What Social Thinking Means at CESJDS

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“Social thinking” supports perspective taking, self-awareness, and problem solving in social and academic situations. For many students, social thinking is an intuitive process that considers the points of view, emotions, and intentions of others. Many children acquire social skills by osmosis and intuitively learn to focus on people, their bodies, and their social interactions. For other students, social thinking is not necessarily intuitive and needs to be explicitly taught. Tools that both teach and enhance children’s abilities to process and respond to social information at a young age benefit everyone in a school community.

Author David Adler Delights Students at TSGW

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Cam Jansen, the main character in David Adler’s bestselling series, was originally supposed to be a boy named Kodak Barris (after the camera company). Since the publisher was also publishing a different series about a boy, they asked Adler to make the character a girl.

Why This Father and Son (In-Law) Duo Are Running for Yad Yehuda

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If you frequent Rock Creek Park or drive anywhere between Rockville and Silver Spring, Maryland, you may have spotted a very fit, redheaded man in his 20s running with a backpack in rain, snow, and summer heat. That would be Shlomo Fishman: a therapeutic recreational specialist at HSC Pediatric Center in northeast DC and a competitive runner. The Kemp Mill resident competes at a variety of distances, from 5K to marathon, and regularly ranks as one of the top in his age group.

Berman Upper School Heads to Israel

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What happens when 211 students in grades 9-12 hop on a couple of El Al planes and take an 11-day trip to Israel? Deep bonding. Experiential learning. An unparalleled connection to the people and land of Israel.

MILTON Dives Into Annual Immersive Learning Week

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Middle school students at Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nation’s Capital (MILTON) in Washington, D.C., expanded their horizons, overcame challenges, and discovered new passions during Immersive Learning Week. During the five days of learning, students had opportunities to take deep dives into a wide variety of topics, including: digital game design; creating Biblical art; the science of flight and space; adventures in the natural world; the American justice system, and so much more!

Berman Students Interface with Amazon Programmers

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Berman Hebrew Academy’s fifth-grade students had the great fortune to visit Amazon's Tech headquarters in Virginia this month as part of Hour of Code, a global movement comprising over 700 million participants. Students learned about the field of computer coding directly from Amazon programmers, including one who codes Alexa to respond to user questions about holidays like Chanukah, and another who helps code Alexa’s shopping interface in Israel.

The Philosophy Behind Kitat Tapuach’s Tree Craze

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Shomrai Preschool in Silver Spring, Maryland, uses an approach to education known as “emergent curriculum,” where a topic for investigation by students “emerges” based on the children’s interests. The topic is explored with prompting and guidance from the teachers, yet it is the children who really determine the direction in which the exploration will go.

Building a Family, Joining a Tribe

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A look at fostering and adoption in the Jewish community.

According to the National Council for Adoption, a nonprofit that works together with different federal agencies to advocate for adoption and the foster care system, adoptions in the U.S. have fallen from 133,737 in 2007 to 110,373 in 2014, the last year for which national statistics are available. This was due to a number of factors, most notably a drastic decline in international adoptions, which were a significant driver of adoptions in the past.

Building a Framework for Learning Rabbinic Texts at MILTON

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Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nation’s Capital (MILTON) is one of several select schools across North America to participate in the Legacy Heritage Instructional Leadership Institute (LHILI), working in close collaboration with staff at the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS). The aim of this two-year fellowship (2018-2020 academic years) is to enhance the teaching and learning of rabbinic literature by offering faculty-intensive and distinctive professional learning. The initiative includes school visits by an educational consultant and rabbinical advisor, as well as conferences and learning institutes.