Behind the Scenes of ‘Something Good’: Meet Karen Singer

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Karen Singer never anticipated that her “aha” moment — the instant that she realized what she wanted to tackle during her next phase in life — would come to her in a flash the day she found herself dressed head to toe in pink, rolling around the floor with a group of young girls.

Can Lifting Weights Can Make You Younger?

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There is a popular myth that conquistador Ponce de Leon landed in what is now St. Augustine, Florida, in search of the Fountain of Youth. Biographers such as Oviedo were promoting colonization of the New World, so they may have felt compelled to invent stories of their contemporaries to convince their countrymen to move there.

Local Educators Come Together at Annual Workshop on Israel Education

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Eleven local educators attended the Center for Israel Education’s (CIE) 17th annual educator workshop June 24-28 in Atlanta. The event was hosted by CIE and the Emory Institute for the Study of Modern Israel (ISMI). The objective of this exceptional learning opportunity, funded by the AVI CHAI Foundation of North America, is to empower educators, and through them their students, with an understanding of Israel’s history, politics, and culture.

Creating an Ethical Will: A Gift for the Next Generation

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An unfortunate byproduct of our cultural aversion to the end of life is that we see the experience only in negative terms. As we have discussed, this attitude prevents us from making important decisions when they would be most effective. But it also prevents us from recognizing the possibilities for strength, love, and spirituality that are uniquely accessible at the end of life. This month, we will begin to discuss some of those possibilities.

Leonard Kanthal: A Boxing Legend and a Mensch

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Reminiscing about local boxing legend Leonard “Lenny” Kanthal, who passed away July 17, Annette Schreiber shared the story of an unforgettable impromptu boxing lesson.

“My young daughter Beth asked Leonard, ‘Can you show me how to box?’” said Schreiber. “I thought to myself, he’s a busy man, and told Beth so.”

Ode to the Pool

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Splashing. Shouting. Laughter. With the DC-area humidity, which locals know all too well, swimming pools are a perennial gathering place to keep cool during summer days.

In DC proper, the Department of Parks and Recreation boasts 22 outdoor pools. Pools are located throughout the city, open five to six days a week with staggered off-days. Residents of the city need only to show ID to have access to these facilities.