Travel in the Service of Dictators

Written by Rafael Medoff on . Posted in Features

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman traveled to North Korea earlier this month, to meet with dictator Kim Jong-un, whom Rodman has called his “friend for life.” Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon, for his part, has just returned from the Palestinian Authority-controlled territories, where he had only nice things to say about that totalitarian regime. And a delegation of prominent American wrestlers recently competed in a tournament in Iran, where they tweeted excitedly about the “warm reception” with which the regime greeted them.

Korach and the Wisdom of Crowds

Written by Rabbi Jonathan Gross on . Posted in Features

A parsha bears his name, yet a single line is all that is attributed to Korach.:“You have taken too much! The entire congregation is holy and G-d is within them, so why have you elevated yourselves over the congregation of G-d?”

Kids Kicking Cancer

Written by Fran Kritz on . Posted in Features

Some of the most effective non-profits in the world were started by people who turned their pain into light for others. That’s certainly the case with Kids Kicking Cancer, started in 1998 by Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg of Detroit, Michigan after his two-year-old daughter died of leukemia.

Working to End Domestic Abuse

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JCADA strengthens our community by discreetly and respectfully empowering some of its most vulnerable members.

In their 16 years working with victims of domestic abuse, the staff at Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse (JCADA) have heard many tragic stories. But in some cases, the most insidious abuse is found in the most unassuming details.