Of Homemade Soup and Jewish History

Written by Rafael Medoff on . Posted in Features

Historians who spend much of their time immersed in the study of serious political and diplomatic affairs seldom have the opportunity to mention something as trivial as soup. But every once in a while, something small and seemingly inconsequential plays a role in shaping a larger historical event.

Tackling Tuition with Local Day Schools

Written by Gabe Aaronson Special Correspondent on . Posted in Features

This is the first article in a three-part investigative series on Jewish day school tuition and how we as a community — schools, organizations, and families — can support the future of accessible, quality Jewish education for all who seek it.

My Arad Adventure: Counterpoint Israel 2017

Written by Esther Kuperman on . Posted in Features

Summer plans can be complicated for a college student. Should I work? Should I travel? There are always so many options and opportunities to consider. But this summer, I was fortunate to have an easy answer to these questions. For me, Counterpoint Israel was the obvious choice.