Empowering Severely Disabled Children With ALEH

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Many college students choose to kick back and relax during their summer vacations, but Jessica Serber highly recommends taking the opportunity to travel and do work you are passionate about.

Through the program Onward Israel, Serber, a nursing student in her junior year at George Mason University, spent eight weeks this summer volunteering with ALEH, a network of state-of-the-art facilities in Israel for children with severe, complex disabilities.

Affordable Tuition: Paths Forward

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In Part 1 of Kol HaBirah’s investigative series on Jewish day school tuition, we explored how the high cost of a day school education affects the Jewish community, and what supports local schools and institutions currently have in place. In Part 2, we identified some of the different challenges faced by Orthodox versus non-Orthodox schools as well as schools in the DC metro area versus schools in Baltimore.

JDS Leads the Pack at Local Relay Race

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Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School’s (JDS) Boys Varsity Cross Country team had a record-setting day at the 45th annual Woodward Relays, held at Georgetown Prep on Tuesday, September 5. The six-man team of Daniel Weiss, Alex Arking, Josh Diewald, Zev Katz, Benjy Kruger, and Max Stravitz finished in third place (out of nine competing teams), an all-time best for JDS.

Keeping Seniors Safe in Montgomery County

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Program Coordinator Morton Davis has received many awards, commendations, and proclamations on behalf of Keeping Seniors Safe (KSS), a program developed in conjunction with the Volunteer Resources Section of the Montgomery County Police Department. Davis welcomes the awards but, in accordance with his humble mien, maintains that the essential reason for his involvement is to benefit to the elderly and seniors in the community.

Gesher Teachers #DitchTheDesk!

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The Gesher Jewish Day School (Gesher JDS) community enjoys a school campus that includes 28 expansive wooded acres of exploration space in Fairfax, Virginia. Gesher JDS teachers take full advantage of the campus, seizing opportunities to move away from the traditional classroom setting and embracing the concept of #DitchTheDesk.

Milton Launches Scholars Forum

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Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nation’s Capital recently launched its Scholars Forum, a weekly multi-disciplinary course in which middle school students examine contemporary issues with guest speakers sharing real-world perspectives. This year’s Scholars Forum explores leadership, collective memory, and institutional change, and what it takes to turn a vision into a reality.

‘Everything is Better in America!’

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Israelis love, love, love to tell me how much better and easier things are in America. Aside from several seriously well-informed sabras who understand the challenges of American healthcare, education, crime, public transportation, and anti-Semitism, a lot of people here just don’t get it. On the other hand, a lot of Israelis like to tell me how awful the food is, how naive the people are, and how fake everyone is in the U.S.