STREAM Studio Up and Running at Shomrai Nursery

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Children are active and eager to learn, using all their senses to absorb information and make sense of the world around them. They are natural scientists, artists, engineers, and mathematicians.

Entering its second year, the STREAM (Science, Technology, Relationships, Engineering, Art, and Math) Studio at YISE Shomrai Nursery in Silver Spring, Maryland, provides a dedicated and vibrant investigation space for children.

“As the children explore a selection of natural and man-made readily available materials, these materials will become a language through which the children will be able to express their thinking, ideas, and understandings,” said Nancy Kohl, the nursery’s pedagogical consultant. “This studio furthers our deepening integration of Inquiry/Child-Centered based pedagogy.” 

“The STREAM Studio enriches and supports an investigation or in-depth studies curriculum,” explained Shomrai Nursery Director Ruthie Cohen, “which aspires to promote curiosity and exploration in the arts, math, engineering, and science while affirming the work of the children and teachers.”

STREAM experiences aim to provoke purposeful thinking and sequential learning that support creative problem-solving, imaginative thinking, predicting, hypothesizing, and transference of skills and knowledge to new experiences. Children learn through discovery: touching, moving, exploring, questioning, creating hypotheses and testing them out.

“Time spent in the studio assists the teachers in cultivating their students’ dispositions of wonder, creativity, and collaboration,” said Cohen.