Kol HaBirah Home Improvement Survey Results Are In

Written by Kol HaBirah Staff on . Posted in Features

Kol HaBirah’s first annual home improvement survey asked members of the Greater Washington and Baltimore area Jewish community about their summer projects, their go-to service providers, and what unexpected home-care costs came their way in 2017-2018. Check out the highlights below!

(Note: No service providers paid to be mentioned in this article.)


What was your summer project?

Respondents could choose from gardening (flower and vegetable), renovations (one room or a whole section or floor of a home), repairs (deck, roof, painting), and new additions (swimming pool anyone?).

The majority of respondents got down and dirty in flower and vegetable gardens this summer, while replacing or repairing the roof or purchasing a new pool were the least popular projects.


In the past six months, you had to call someone to fix a…?

Plumbing problem: 51%

Air conditioner/heater: 23%

Electrical problem: 13%

Refridgerator/Freezer: 3%

Roof: 3%


Which home-service providers do you have programmed into your phone?

Most-listed plumber: Yitzi Katz

Most-listed contractor: Isaac Shalom of DSI Contractors

Most-listed pest control service: Brody Brothers Pest Control

Most-listed “Other Service Provider”: Services Squad


What was behind an unexpected home-related expense this year?

Some of these anecdotes were intense, while others left the worst of it to the imagination

“HVAC system needed to be serviced three times before they found the fault. Belt broke on the dryer. Mold on the washing machine seal (fixed myself). Basement floors started molding. So fun to buy a new house.”

“Sump pump failed and flooded the basement.”

“DIY of the former owners gone wrong!”

“Lump in floor under wall-to-wall carpet. Afraid to look.”

The top mentioned issue, however, was storm damage.

Here’s to a new year full of great projects and no surprises!