Celebrating Prayer at MILTON

Written by Ronit Greenstein on . Posted in Features

Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nation's Capital (MILTON) students are engaging in Jewish learning that is joyful, meaningful, and experiential.

During the first grade Chagigat HaSiddur, students celebrated receiving their very first siddurim (prayer books), exuberantly singing the prayers they have learned and participating in a learning session with their parents. The students will have ample opportunities to use their siddurim throughout their time at MILTON as part of experiential activities like outdoor tefilah (prayer). For instance, MILTON fifth graders recently spent three days immersed in Jewish learning, values, and environmental education at TEVA.

Also recently, the fourth graders made dream-catchers based on commentaries about Yosef telling his dreams to his family and his family’s reaction. This is a prime example of the integration of Judaic studies, general studies, and art into a single activity at MILTON. Students designed symbols on their dreamcatchers to represent the different commentaries on Yosef’s dreams, and they wrote the name of the parshan (commentator) on each one before weaving them into their artwork.

Ronit Greenstein is director of communication at MILTON in Washington, D.C.