MILTON Students Reenact U.N. Partition Vote

Written by Ronit Greenstein on . Posted in Features

On Nov. 29, Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nation’s Capital (MILTON) marked the 70th anniversary of the United Nations (U.N.) Partition Vote recommending an independent Jewish State in part of the ancient land of Israel with a special reenactment of that historic event. Every student in grades two through six was assigned to a delegation representing one of the 56 countries that were members of the U.N. at that time. Moetzet talmidim (student council) officers sat in the U.N. Secretary General’s seat and conducted the roll call.

At the vote, each delegation raised their flag, a photo of their ambassador to the U.N., and world maps highlighting their country before announcing their vote of yes, no, or abstain. Everyone sitting at the assembly tallied the vote on paper themselves along with the student council officer. After the tally, everyone cheered and unfurled the flag of Israel. Student council officers then recited Tefilla L’shalom Hamedina, the prayer for the State of Israel, in both Hebrew and English, and all assembled sang “Hatikvah.” Students also watched a short historical videoabout the actual vote before celebrating the moment that led to Jewish autonomy in the region for the first time in nearly 2,000 years.

In the spirit of shivim panim l’Torah(70 faces of the Torah), MILTON students, staff, and community members will explore 70 facets of Israel from now through Yom Ha’atzmaut(Israel’s Independence Day). Students at both campuses will learn about Israel by exploring its history, culture, geography, and its contributions to the fields of science and technology, agriculture, and more. Some of the 70 lessons and activities will be school-wide, while others will be campus-wide or grade-wide, in keeping with the different developmental stages and grade level curricula of our students. In addition to programs and events for children, the school plans to have opportunities for adults to join the celebration. Keep reading Kol HaBirah for more info!

By Ronit Greenstein

 Ronit Greenstein is director of communications at MILTON.