Check out our new “Advertiser’s Panel” and stay tuned for our “School Section”

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The theme of my last note was about supporting our advertisers. Since then, I’ve received encouraging responses and feedback from readers and advertisers alike in support of that message.

In an effort to lead the charge in supporting our advertisers, this issue of Kol HaBirah features our first “Advertiser’s Panel,” which can be seen on the opposite page. The goal of this panel is to provide our advertisers with the opportunity to answer a few questions that will showcase their businesses — how they started, what items or services are most popular — and demonstrate their expertise.

Print newspaper advertising is not as common as it used to be. Digital and social media is by far the most common alternative to print advertising mentioned by businesses that opt not to try print. However, we believe that as a hyperlocal community paper we offer a unique platform for our advertisers, one that gets them exposed to a strong local customer base in a supportive community.

 We will invite advertisers within the advertiser theme of each issue to participate in the panel. This issue’s theme is Home Improvement and our next issue will be Professional Services. We hope that this platform helps bring our advertisers more business and gives our readers more familiarity with our local businesses. We invite any feedback, suggestions, and questions for the panelists so that we could continue to improve our support for those who support us.

You may have noticed that we didn’t publish a new issue over the last few weeks. I did mention we were taking a break in my last column, and we had the date of the next issue on the top of the front page. Even so, we received inquiries asking why we had folded when things seemed to be going so well - I responded that the only thing that will be folded is the next issue of Kol HaBirah so that it can fit in one’s briefcase (slightly lame, my apologies).

The break left time for reflection, idea-generation, and relationship-building. Kol HaBirah views itself as a community resource and we would like to provide the most helpful information and resources for the community. To that end, we have decided to add a School Section in every issue of Kol HaBirah starting in the fall, to provide our schools — such integral parts of the community —  with the opportunity to showcase their programming to our readers.

Meeting with the schools to discuss their priorities and needs has been informative and meaningful. Each of our schools does so much for the community, and we feel privileged to provide a platform for them to communicate that to the broader community.

We also met with a number of businesses and community members throughout Greater Washington and Baltimore to learn their respective needs. As a broad reaching newspaper with many community connections, we realize we are in a unique position to coordinate resources to address various needs within the community. We don’t just report news, but are also committed to putting in the effort to continue to learn about and serve the community. The learning process continues every day, and we look forward to doing our part by expanding and enhancing the community’s access to important resources. Stay tuned as we continue to update and innovate on the community’s behalf.   


Hillel Goldschein, Publisher