Update Regarding the Vaad and Potomac 18

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Following up on our Nov. 30 article "Vaad Explains Potomac 18 Decision as Caterer Continues Pursuit of OU Supervision," Kol HaBirah reconnected with the unnamed business owner who was quoted saying: "It has not been easy dealing with the Vaad and that there were times when he wished he could use an alternative provider that was easier to work with." The individual told Kol HaBirah that the Vaad has since addressed the issues referenced in the article about and they have no further concerns with the Vaad at this time.

Additionally, both Rabbi Yisroel David Bacharach, Potomac 18 owner and CEO, and Rabbi Moshe Elefant, chief operating officer of the OU’s kashrus divison, have confirmed that Potomac 18 has successfully obtained OU certification.