Jews, India, and the Opium Trade: A Night of Learning with Tom Timberg

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Educational programming at Am HaTorah can be a chance to learn about your neighbors, too.

When you pray and share Shabbat and holiday meals with someone in your congregation, you may easily overlook or be unaware of that person’s extensive or impressive scholarly background. In the course of praying, fasting, and celebrating, one’s resume rarely comes up.

Baltimore NCSY Benefit Concert Honors Ed and Robyn Hoffman

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Downtown Baltimore’s Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall often plays host to various classical music and theater performances, but on Sunday, Dec. 3, the 2,400-seat venue was filled with a slightly different sound: chart-topping Jewish hits accompanied by screaming fans. The crowd gathered for NCSY Atlantic Seaboard’s 43rd Annual Isaac H. Taylor Jewish Music Festival, which highlighted the work of NCSY and honored Robyn and Ed Hoffman for their selfless support of NCSY and their dedication to the Baltimore Jewish community.

Baltimore Celebrates 19th of Kislev With Siyum Hashas

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On the 19th of Kislev (Yud Tes Kislev), 1798, Rabbi Schneur Zalman, the first Chabad Rebbe (also known as the Alter Rebbe or the Baal Hatanya), was released from prison. He was imprisoned due to libelous information supplied to the czarist government by opponents of the fledgling Chassidic movement. According to Chassidic tradition, the Rebbe’s imprisonment was the earthly reflection of a heavenly complaint that was lodged against him and the Chassidic cause that he was promoting, and his liberation symbolized a heavenly green light for the continued promulgation of Chassidus.

A Treasure Restored

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The Chabad movement recently won a small but significant victory in an ongoing battle for a historic Jewish treasure, thanks to the efforts of a local legal team: Nathan Lewin and Alyza Lewin of Lewin & Lewin LLP and Steven Lieberman, Robert Parker, Jen Nock, Dan McCallum, and Nechama Potasnik of Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck, PC.

The Downtown Synagogue and YCT Launch ‘Downtown Beit Midrash’ in Baltimore

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The historic building housing B’nai Israel: The Downtown Synagogue may be old, but the congregation inside approaches Judaism through a contemporary lens. Located minutes from the Baltimore Inner Harbor, the Modern Orthodox congregation is one of the longest continually operating synagogues in the state of Maryland. As part of its dedication to welcoming Jews of all demographics, B’nai Israel recently launched a year-long adult education program in partnership with Yeshivat Chovevei Torah (YCT), the Modern Orthodox rabbinical school located in Riverdale, New York.

Celebrating Chanukah at Café Europa

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Nearly 210 of JSSA’s Holocaust survivors attended the annual Café Europa Chanukah party on Thursday, Dec. 7 at Washington Hebrew Bindeman Center in Potomac, Maryland.  Café Europa offers a meaningful opportunity for survivors, most of whom were from the Former Soviet Union, to socialize with others who have endured similar circumstances. (Photo credit: PJ Feinstein)

‘Sometimes There is a Clash That Needs to be Reconciled’

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Israeli delegation to DC seeks to understand American Jewish perspectives.

A week before Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely drew fire for comments about the “convenient lives” of American Jews,  an Israeli delegation visited Washington, D.C., with the express purpose of building bridges between Israel and the American Jewish community. The delegation was part of Project Community, a joint initiative of Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and the Israeli NGO Gesher, which promotes mutual understanding and cohesive living among secular, religious, and ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel. The visit took place Nov. 13-19, with the delegates spending two busy days in the Greater Washington area before heading to meetings in New York.