A Spa for the Soul at Chabad of Potomac

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Are you a busy woman? I know I am. Between all of your commitments and obligations, life leaves very little time to nurture yourself physically, let alone spiritually. I know that when I force myself to take the time to sit down and learn something meaningful, my entire day is uplifted. I feel energized and refreshed, ready to tackle the day’s challenges.

Northern Virginia Teens Take Charge in Federation’s Jteen Philanthropy Program

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Jteen Philanthropy — the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s giving circle designed for high school students — kicked off its second year by expanding the program to Northern Virginia. Launched on Jan. 7, the inaugural Northern Virginia cohort will build on the success of Jteen’s first year, during which 37 teens allocated nearly $27,000 to seven nonprofit agencies.

Tax Reform and Tuition

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Answers to your questions about using 529 savings accounts to pay for private school.

For 21 years, tax-advantaged 529 savings accounts could only be used to pay for college expenses. Now, thanks to the tax reform signed into law on Dec. 22, they can also be used to pay for K-12 private school tuition.

At the ‘Forefront’ of Jewish Teen Engagement, 4Front is Getting Adults Involved With New Program

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The Baltimore-based 4Front Teen Engagement Initiative recently announced the formation of a new Lay Advocates Program to assure adults play a vital role in the engagement of current and future generations of teens.  The 4Front initiative, directed by the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Baltimore and supported by The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore, is funded by a five-year matching grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation.

A Day Brimming With Kindness

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The Jewish sages said acts of kindness are one of the pillars upon which the world stands. Every year on Dec. 25, our community’s institutions give Jews and non-Jews alike ample opportunities to help those in need.

Rubashkin’s Release: Understanding the Reactions

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On Dec. 20, President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of Chabad rabbi Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, after he served eight years in prison. Rubashkin’s release set off concentric waves of joy and dismay across the Jewish community. Debate over why the release of a convicted criminal was or wasn’t cause for celebration spread across social media and traditional news outlets.