Behind the Scenes of the Bais Yaakov Exhibit

Written by Kol HaBirah Staff on . Posted in Community News

After hearing so much about the Bais Yaakov of Baltimore exhibit from friends and family in all different area, it was particularly compelling to be treated to a spontaneous behind the scenes tour with Rabbi Nissel, Chief Operating Officer, after the exhibit was already complete. An innocuous visit to Bais Yaakov to discuss Kol HaBirah was enhanced by the enthusiasm and energy of Rabbi Nissel, who proudly explained how the girls spent countless hours completing various magnificent works of art with the most basic resources. For example, one of the most special pieces, which they decided to keep on their wall after the exhibit (most of the others they are either dismantle or sell), was crafted using only crayons and crayon shavings. One could not tell that crayons are the “secret sauce” until moving up close to the artwork. Another piece of art, two large shabbos candles that are still on a classroom wall, are made entirely of, well, little candles. Rabbi Nissel explained that the entire hallway was filled with artwork during the exhibit and that schools from all over the country came to visit to appreciate the magnificent art. It was great to be provided with the opportunity to appreciate it as well and walk away enamored at the creativity of those who made such amazing pieces with such basic resources.