Simply Siblings

Written by Danielle Azachi on . Posted in Community News

I have a biological sister, an adopted sister, and an adopted brother. The only difference between us is the way we arrived. We rejoice in the same accomplishments, we fight and we make up just like any other sibling group. People will judge and say that I don’t love my adopted siblings as much as I love my twin. They say my parents love my twin and I more because our DNA is the same. You tend to block out that noise and focus on what’s in the heart.

There’s always that expression people give when you tell them that the child you’re playing with is your sibling and yet looks nothing like you. You block that out, too. Since I have a twin, my little sister tries to be like me so she can say she has a twin. She also says our little brother is her twin because they both have blue eyes. We may look different, but we still laugh over the same things and cry over the same obstacles, and we get through everything together. We bond like every other family. Our skin color, hair color, and eye color may be different but our hearts are in the same place. I can say that my life wouldn’t be complete without them. They are my light, my happiness and we are their forever family.

Danielle Azachi is in the eighth grade at Hoover Middle School. She lives in Potomac and goes to Beth Sholom Congregation. Her family has adopted two kids through the Montgomery County foster care system.