Capital Kosher Pantry Adds Refrigerated Section

Written by Anis Modi on . Posted in Community News

Yad Yehuda of Greater Washington, a local organization helping members of the community in need, has announced it is expanding its Capital Pantry Program and adding a refrigerated section.

Currently, Yad Yehuda serves about 150 individuals through the Capital Kosher Pantry program. The organization hopes that the expansion will help it offer better dietary options including fruits and vegetables, said Yad Yehuda Vice President of Communications Debbie Katz.

“Along with giving people more options, some of the produce is going to come straight from the farm,” Katz added. “We are the only Kosher pantry in the area, and this food could make the difference between food security and food insecurity for some people.”

According to Yad Yehuda, there are a number of ways the organization receives food. Along with donation boxes – located at Shalom Kosher in Wheaton, Maryland, and Moti’s Market in Rockville, Maryland – and food drives, the pantry also buys almost half of its food from DC’s Capital Area Food Bank. In addition, the organization has introduced an online ordering system that allows donors to buy necessary food and supplies through Amazon, Target, and Walmart to be sent directly to Yad Yehuda.

“There are people in need who are food insecure, even in our community,” said Capital Kosher Pantry Coordinator Susan Koss. “As a former educator, I hope families in the community will teach and practice the importance of giving something to others who are less fortunate.”

But aside from providing groceries, Yad Yehuda also helps those in need with financial services through connecting them with other programs and providing emergency relief grants.

Katz said that while food donations are necessary and important, she wants community members to understand “it is not the only way for people to help those in need.”

“We’re trying the idea of monthly giving now,” she added. “Those small donations go towards all of our programs and really enable us to help those individuals who need it get through hard times.”


Anis Modi is a staff writer for Kol HaBirah.