Running for a Great Cause

Written by Havi Schwechter on . Posted in Community News

On June 3, I ran in the Jewish Caring Network’s (JCN) 5K race as part of Team YGW in order to raise money for families with medical needs. JCN is a Baltimore organization that provides support services to families facing serious, life-threatening, and lifelong illnesses.

Yeshiva of Greater Washington in Silver Spring, Maryland, sent about 20 girls and women to Sunday’s race. The race around the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore was a beautiful way for Jews to support other Jews: The 400 participants demonstrated that when members of the community need help, we are willing to show up and run three (plus!) miles for them. Not only was the weather misty and perfect for a run, at the end there was a gorgeous array of donated food for the runners to enjoy.

By Havi Schwechter


Havi Schwechter is in the eighth grade at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington Girls Division.